Who are we ?

Octus was created following the meeting of 4 experts from very different fields: development, 3D modelling and heritage.

The Octus team shares common values ​​built around the enhancement of past and future heritage, the transmission of information as well as the dynamism of the agile methodology. With its innovative methods and unique composition, Octus uses the skills of each of its members to promote heritage through new technologies. The use of augmented reality is a strong element of demarcation. Octus takes special care to give meaning to its projects and to provide novel scientific contents. The experience gained from each and every Octus member is a major asset in the management of complex and ambitious projects.


Acquire & Search

360 ° Photos & Videos

3D modeling


Develop & Enhance

Custom web and mobile experience

Collection Explorer

Serious Games

In-situ course

Visiting companion


Virtual reality

Augmented reality

Geolocation and micro-location (Beacon)

Image recognition


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